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There are alot of dolls looking forward to moving out of the shoe....and into a nice room at your house!! Each doll is individually hand-crafted, starting as low as $49.95. Call and talk to Jayne, she looks forward to receiving your order.

Custom orders start at $74.95. Try to have a photo of the individual you would like to have created - otherwise a good description is invaluable. Think of quirks and features that make your loved one stand out: freckles, dimples, a cowlick, an item of clothing they love, a hobby they enjoy etc.
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  To order, call or fill in the form below. Or click on Print version to go to a printable page that you can mail with your photo to the address below.

(705) 549-7945

Jayne Cady
99 Goldfinch Crescent
Tiny, Ontario
L0L 2J0
Tel : (705) 549-7945
E-mail: info@justfriendsofjayne.com

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Please note - when placing an order, we require a deposit of 50%. Also note that shipping charges will apply.


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